martes, 3 de julio de 2018

Ghost (ATW) - Marvel Future Fight

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  1. Hey can you make an Infinity War Loki skin without the helmet & the MFF Skurge skin with weapons,please?

  2. Can anybody please post the "Something is coming" Infinity War skins on gtainside?I really need them a lot.

    1. Those are WIP my friend, and of course exclusive from my blog, you will have to wait for them.

  3. Can you make Ghost Ability, preferably cleo mods??

  4. It's a materialization mods, same as unchiha tobi mods from naruto that's available online, but the only downside of that mods is that it doesn't allow you to freely move, once it activated. So this is only a suggestion, it would be cool to rectify this downside, here are the link: